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Firewords Quarterly is an independent literary magazine packed full of powerful fiction and poetry - all enhanced by bold design.

Firewords was set up by a small group of creatives, frustrated by writing magazines that concentrated on substance over style, or vice versa. Firewords Quarterly aims to have an abundance of both; powerful writing enhanced by bold design - leaving pretension behind.

We believe there should be a better platform for exciting new writers to have their voice heard and remembered. We also think a literary journal should be easy to pick up and dip in and out of; a rich, immersive experience that takes you to another world. This is why, for a long time now, our dream has been to create this magazine.

Issue One is now available to order in print from our online shop - bag yourself a copy now!

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Submissions: Issue Two submissions re-open on June 9th. Please check our submission guidelines for details.

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